SmartAI™ Blogs

Create fresh and compelling blog posts in seconds!


SmartAI™ Blogs is our latest AI-powered product specifically designed to help you create and publish fresh blog content. Whether it’s a lack of time due to your busy schedule or a case of writer’s block when you finally do find a free moment, SmartAI™ Blogs is the perfect tool for generating compelling, relevant content with the click of a button.

How it works

SmartAI™ Blogs is integrated directly into the existing Blogs product inside your DoctorLogic Admin Portal. Simply create a new post and choose the SmartAI™ option. Next, describe in your own words the topic of your post and then click "Write It." A draft of your post will be automatically generated for you to review, edit, and customize before publishing.

Key features

  • Unlimited possibilities for content creation. Just tell SmartAI™ what you'd like to write about.

  • Use SmartAI™ to create standalone posts or add AI-powered sections into an existing post.

  • Right tone, every time. Select a voice and tone for your SmartAI™ post that matches your topic and brand identity.

Key benefits

  • Save time! Create and publish new blog posts in seconds.

  • Improve SEO. Google loves fresh website content published on a regular basis.

  • Zero learning curve. Built into the existing Blogs workflow you already use.

Next Steps

If you are already a DoctorLogic customer and would like to learn more about SmartAI™ Blogs, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

If you are not yet a DoctorLogic customer, please contact our sales team for demo of our entire suite of products and services, including SmartAI™ Blogs.

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