Creating SmartAI™ post topics

Creating topics for your SmartAI™ post is very simple and does not require any formal training or previous experience using the tool. Below are some tips and suggestions to help you along the way.

Define your post topic

Type in a short summary or a few sentences that clearly explains the post you wish to create. You can also request to include and/or exclude specific topics in the draft output. Don't worry, you will be able to fully review and edit the post right away. You can customize it to meet your specific needs or even click the Rewrite button to have a new version of the content regenerated.

  • Example post topic 1: "Write a short blog post about the benefits of flossing your teeth. Include recommendations for specific techniques and suggestions for dentist-approved floss brands."

  • Example post topic 2: "Create a blog article that highlights the top 5 reasons to get the LASIK procedure. The article should cater to prospective patients who may be nervous or anxious about what to expect."

Include topic tags (optional)

After you've created your post topic (previous step) you can further customize the output by including specific references to practitioners, procedures, and facilities affiliated with your practice. The tags that you select will be fed into the AI engine and used as additional data points as it creates your post.

You can review the draft post to locate the tag references added into the content and make any necessary edits to meet your exact needs. Note: we recommend using a small number of topic tags so the AI engine can effectively weave these into your post.

Selecting tone of voice

You know your audience better than anyone so authoring content in a tone that resonates with them is very important. SmartAI™ Articles provides multiple tone options to choose from and you can use the drop-down selector to pick the best one for your post. Just like the post topic and topic tags mentioned above, you can easily change the tone of voice for your post at any time. Simply click the Rewrite button on the editor and you'll be able to make updates.

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