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DoctorLogic Support SLAs

If you have a change you'd like to have made to your website, please email

Below are the timelines you can expect for a variety of our most typical requests.

Note: For any requests submitted, you should receive an automated message confirming receipt within 10 minutes. If you do not receive that confirmation, please resend it to

Request TypeTurnaround timeDetails

First Time to Response

1 business day

You may expect acknowledgment/receipt of your outreach within this window

Adding Admin users

2 business days

Lead routing updates

2 business days

A change to where leads are sent

Singular People Place updates

Up to 3 business days

Adding, subtracting, editing providers, or facilities

Standard Blog additions

3 business days

Additional blog posts requested may increase the total time for completion

Home page content or image edits

3 business days

Varies from images swap outs, delivery time depends on number of sites requiring this update

Client-Authored Content - Procedure Pages

5 business days

Client must provide content

Bug fixes - Urgent

FTTR 4 hours, Custom Scope

Urgent means affecting access to sites or lead collection & distribution or obvious, public errors that affect consumer experience or misrepresentation of a brand, provider, facility, or service

Simple templated markup pages

5 business days

Templates selected from our markup template library in Admin

Custom development work

Varies based on scope

Additional fees apply.

New homepage inset(s)

5 business days

New Procedure Page Content Creation

2-3 weeks

A project fee will be outlined and once agreed upon, please expect 2-3 weeks turnaround time. Bulk adds/updates may increase the timeline.

Custom-coded markup pages

2-3 weeks

Additional fees apply.

Regular Touchpoints

Biweekly Case Updates

You may expect to receive a biweekly update for any cases spanning more than 2 weeks for completion

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