Articles - How to add a new blog post

2. Click on Content

3. Click on Articles

4. If you have multiple collections, you will see this page. Here, you can create additional collections as needed. If you want to post a blog article, click on the BLOG collection.

What are collections for? Collections are a grouping of articles or posts. You can create separate collections for content that is about the same subject matter. For example, some clients will create a collection for MEDIA highlights, to document past NEWSLETTERs, or CLIENT EDUCATION documentation.

5. Navigate to the collection you want to view.

6. Click on Add New Post…

7. Fill in the Title of your Blog article

8. Fill in a 1-2 sentence summary of the article to entice readers to learn more.

9. Select the author of the post

11. Click on NEXT

12. Click into the rich text editor to fill in the content of your new blog post.

13. You can use the components on the righthand side to add more text sections, image sections, videos, or embed HTML code as desired!

14. Click on PUBLISH when you are ready to make the post LIVE!

If you'd prefer to come back to it later, you may click the "Save" button.

15. You'll be able to review the post before publishing it to make any edits as desired.

16. Click on PUBLISH -- Done!

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