On-Page Editing Tutorial

1. Go to DoctorLogic Admin Home

Need help logging in? Click here: https://help.doctorlogic.com/docs/general/logging-into-doctorlogic

2. Click on Website

3. Click on On-Page Edit

4. An On-Page Editing Tour box will pop up. If you're familiar with the tool already, click Next.

5. Navigate to the page you would like to edit.

6. For this example, I will click on the paragraph text of the service page. Anything with a YELLOW pencil button can be edited. Click into the paragraph you would like to modify.

7. You can use the rich text editor to format the text.

8. Once you are done with your changes, click out of the area. You will see a GREEN outline flash to show that the changes were saved.

9. Click on Finish Editing when you are done making changes to the content.

Our On-Page Editing (OPE) tool was created to let you make small tweaks and adjustments to your existing website's content. Please remember that content is the key driving factor for good SEO performance so this tool should only be used for minor edits.

If you’d like our team to address larger pieces of content, please contact your Customer Success Manager to come up with a plan that doesn’t compromise your website's performance.


You may notice that this tool is only accessible on certain pages/sections of the website. We limit certain areas because those may have an even larger impact on your website if adjusted but of course, we can always take care of these sections for you! Sections that are NOT included in OPE:

  • Homepage

  • List Pages

  • Custom Markups

  • Contact Page

Currently, images outside of the text area cannot be adjusted through On Page Editing.

If you happen to make a mistake through on-page editing and need us to revert the content, please email support@doctorlogic.com. We have a full history of all changes made on the website.

Download a copy of these instructions below.

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