How to Share Your Promotion

Ready to spread the word?

Once a Promotion has been created and published, you'll be able to easily share it on social networks to expand your overall reach. There are two ways to share a Promotion.

Promotions is compatible with the following platforms





Google Business Profile



Customers can copy and paste the link to their Promotion Item Page into specific social networks that support link sharing. Examples include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Note: Instagram does not support link sharing with posts. Once the link is pasted, you will see a preview image of their Promotion. You can add text or hashtags to the post and share it when ready. Viewers of the social post will see the image, and clicks on the post will redirect them back to the Promotion Landing Page on your website.

Upload and share an image of the Promotion

Promotions users can also export one of the three Promotion images from the Confirmation page and upload those to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. In all cases, additional text can be added to the post, which will accompany the image that was uploaded. The images are all pre-sized and ready to go for you to easily drag and drop them into your social media profiles.

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