What does DoctorLogic do for my SEO?

Our software is designed to continually give you the tools you need to enhance the SEO of your website by generating new, rich content. By utilizing the tools within your admin site to generate more content specific to your practice, your SEO will improve over time resulting in better organic positioning and the potential to increase online conversions. Our engineers are always up-to-date on what is to come with Google search. This allows us to make updates to your site so that your business is ahead of the curve when Google makes a change in how people will find you. This is a very important service and it is included in your contract as a way to improve SEO

We set up on-page SEO elements like title tags and meta descriptions when we create your site to ensure that you are set up for the greatest success. Our monitoring efforts are ongoing and regular in-depth performance reviews, allow us to identify key successes and opportunities to make adjustments. Weekly review scraping and local listing audits ensure that your brand is represented well across the internet and that you have a higher chance of being presented as an option when people search for you or your services.

How does adding more galleries help with SEO?

Potential patients love to see your work. The before and after galleries page, on average, will be one of the top most visited pages of your site. The more content provided will keep clients engaged on the page for a longer period of time. When clients spend more time on a page, this triggers Google to increase the search inquiry rank of this page because the user finds the content to be quality and engaging based on the length of time spent on the page.

How does publishing more reviews help with SEO?

Publishing reviews on your website can help with SEO in several ways. First, it helps to create fresh, relevant content for your users. This content signals to search engines that your website is up-to-date and active. Additionally, reviews often contain keywords that are related to the product or service being reviewed, which can help boost your rankings for those terms. Finally, reviews can also be used to generate backlinks from other websites, which can further improve SEO.

How does adding blogs help with SEO?

Adding a blog to your website can help improve your SEO in a few ways. First, it provides a way to regularly add new, relevant content to your site, which can help increase the number of pages indexed by search engines and improve your chances of ranking for relevant keywords. Additionally, blog posts can be optimized for specific keywords, which can help boost your rankings for those terms. Finally, a blog can also help drive traffic to your site through social media shares and backlinks from other websites. If that sounds too overwhelming for you, we have a content marketing product to take care of blogs and other content updates for you. Please get in touch with your Customer Success Manager for more information on this growth accelerator.

Why can’t I publish all of my 5-star reviews?

The reviews with ratings only do not hold any power from an SEO standpoint so we have disabled them from being live on your website. It tends to make the reviews page look cluttered and a bit spammy. We only alert you as a courtesy to let you know that you are receiving them from the given third party. You can either leave them unpublished or just go ahead and delete them. Deleting them from your DoctorLogic dashboard does not delete them from the original source

What is Call Tracking?

DoctorLogic uses call tracking to monitor how clients reach your site. We set up different phone numbers for each channel: Organic, Direct, Referral, Local Search, and Paid Search (if applicable). The phone numbers for each channel are all directed to your practice's ring-to-number: your standard number that was set up initially by your telephone provider. This allows us to track the conversion based on the channel corresponding to that phone number.

Don’t fret about having different numbers show on the site depending on how you landed there. Research has shown that call tracking does not cause any phone number confusion for your clients. Also, your ring-to-number is still functional if clients save that number in their contacts. DoctorLogic highly recommends the call tracking service provided for your practice to allow the most precise data on overall conversions. If you have any questions or concerns about call tracking, your Customer Success Specialist would be more than happy to assist you.

Why can I not see all of my google reviews anymore?

The reason for this could vary. In the past, Google has tweaked the way it displays reviews frequently. There are a few scenarios that might keep your reviews from being displayed. If the client left a review with poor grammar and spelling, google might choose not to display it. Google also stopped linking third-party reviews to its platform including Yelp and Facebook. Most recently, Google has been removing anonymous reviews from many sites. They have not come out with an explanation for this move as of yet. If you have any questions regarding your google reviews, please email

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