SmartAI™ Galleries

Meet SmartAI™ Galleries

SmartAI Galleries is a brand new feature within our Gallery Tool that will assist you in generating content to maximize your website's SEO and showcase the results in your before and after photo galleries, all at the touch of a button!

How to use SmartAI™ Galleries

Log in to your DoctorLogic portal at Need help logging in? Click here. Need a refresher tutorial on adding galleries in general? Click here.

Once you're logged in, proceed to add a new gallery as usual. You'll notice the SmartAI Galleries tool on step #5 of the gallery workflow. Here's where SmartAI Galleries strategic algorithm will use the data you've input on the previous steps to craft a case headline and description.

Click the Write It button and see it work its magic!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use this tool on galleries I made before SmartAI Galleries was available?

Yes! This tool will work on any existing galleries as well as any new ones you create moving forward.

Will I have the option to edit and customize the content that SmartAI Galleries generates?

If you don't like the description or headline, you can click the yellow "RE-WRITE IT" button to have the tool create new information. If you preferred the previous description, click "UNDO" to revert it back. Additionally, you can manually edit the text that was generated to your liking.

I'm seeing an error that there's not enough information to use the tool. How do I resolve this?

SmartAI Galleries needs some information from the previous steps in the process in order to generate content that will accurately showcase your before and after gallery. Input more details in the fields currently left as "undisclosed" to use the tool or write up a description of your own if you would prefer to leave those fields as-is.

Where do I send my feedback or ideas?

Please fill out this form with any suggestions for how we can improve this tool or how it has been beneficial to you. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

I'm confused about this tool. Who can I speak to?

Want a personal walk through for SmartAI Galleries? Contact your Customer Success Manager to set up a meeting.

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