Tips for an upcoming video shoot

Having custom video content on your website can bring a variety of benefits. Custom videos are a great way to engage customers and establish trust with them. They can be used to introduce people to your practice, providers, or services. Using video content is an effective way of increasing user engagement by providing a visual representation that captures the audience's attention far better than written words alone.

Here are some helpful tips for you to pass along to your videographer.

  • The focal point will need to be in the center of the video so that when the video is compressed on your mobile site, it is still visible.

  • For the purpose of the website, the video should be shot in landscape orientation.

If you want to use custom footage for your home page's video banner, we recommend the following shots:

  • Shots of the exterior and interior of the facility

  • The doctor/staff interacting with patients (greetings the patient, performing a consultation, etc.)

  • The doctor/staff performing noninvasive, nonsurgical treatments (injectables, facials, etc.)

As a reminder, the final video loop will need to be 10-15 seconds, maximum to preserve your site's page load speeds.

Need more advice or tips? Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

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