How to set up your Facebook Business Page

Today more than ever, having a digital presence is essential for businesses of all sizes. Having a Facebook business page is one of the best ways to connect with customers and build brand recognition. It allows you to reach new potential customers quickly and easily, allowing you to reach people who may not have found your business otherwise. In addition to this, a Facebook page also provides many other benefits that can help your business grow and succeed.

Here are the general steps to set up a Facebook business page:

  1. Go to the Facebook homepage and click on the "Create" button.

  2. Select "Page."

  3. Choose the type of business page you want to create: Local Business or Place, Company, Organization, etc.

  4. Fill out the required information for your page, including your business name, category, and contact information.

    1. Note: The contact information should be a shared email belonging to the business or an individual's business email to avoid any disruptions from employee turnover.

  5. Upload a profile picture and cover photo that represents your business.

    1. Upon launch, you should have received your branded social media assets folder from your Implementation project manager. If you cannot find these assets in your inbox, please get in touch with for assistance.

  6. Add more information to your page, such as a description of your business and a website link.

  7. Click on "Create Page."


It's also important to note that you must have a personal Facebook account to create a business page and that you can only create a page for an organization or business that you represent, otherwise, you may face account disabling.

Also, after creating a page you'll have access to Facebook Business Manager, where you can have deeper access to Facebook insights, advertisement capabilities, etc.

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