Reports makes it easy to monitor the performance of your DoctorLogic website and advertising campaigns.

Performance Dashboard Report

The Performance Dashboard Report makes it easy to keep track of your website's performance.

Reporting Period

By default we pull the last 30 days of performance for your site. If you would like to change the reporting period date range, simply select a different start and/or end date.

Historical Performance Charts

We make it easy to visualize your site's performance over time. Based on your reporting period we will graph the following dimensions over time: Visitors, Sessions, Page Views, and Conversions.

Click the applicable KPI tile to update the chart's dimension. Hover over points on the chart to reveal the totals for that particular day or month.

You can also change whether the data is aggregated by day or by month.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Right below the historical performance charts, we display key performance indicators for your site. Here is a breakdown of each KPI along with description:




Displays the total number of visitors (unique devices) during the reporting period.

New Visitors

Displays the percentage of visitors that do not have an exisiting tracking cookie on their device.

USA Visitors

Displays the percentage of visitors who originate from an IP address in the United States.


Displays the total number of sessions (unique visits) by visitors during the reporting period.

Sessions Per Visitor

Displays the ratio of sessions per visitor.

Avg. Session Duration

Displays the average duration of a session (in minutes/seconds).

Page Views

Displays the total number of page views (unique page loads) that occured in a session during the reporting period.

Page Views Per Session

Displays the ratio of page views per session.

Unique Pages

Displays the total number of unique pages of a site.


Displays the total number of unique conversions (contact form, phone call, chat, etc.) that resulted during a session.

Conversion Rate

Displays the percentage of sessions that resulted in a conversion.

Conversions Per Day

Displays the average number of conversions that occurred per day for each day during the reporting period.

Keywords Report

With this report, you can see how your website site ranks in Google search results for keywords and phrases relevant to your practice. Track keyword performance, rankings, and positions to monitor your SEO performance over time. On this report you’ll find:

  • Total Keywords

  • Page 1 & Page 2 Keywords

  • Keyword position

  • Keyword performance

Traffic Report

With this report, you’ll be able to view website visitor engagement such as the frequency and duration of their sessions. In addition, you can see which channels are driving the most sessions and conversions. On this report you’ll find:

  • Sessions

  • Sessions/User

  • Average Session Duration

  • Sessions by Channel

  • Conversions by Channel

  • Sessions over Time

  • Sessions by City

  • Sessions by Device Type

  • Conversion by Type

Pages Report

With this report, you’ll be able to see how visitors engage with the different content on your website and how this changes over time. You will get an overview of the procedure, blog, and gallery content that resonates the best with your audience. On this report you’ll find:

  • Pageviews

  • Pages/Session

  • Bounce Rate

  • Pageviews over time

  • Pageviews by page type

  • Popular pages

    • All

    • Gallery pages

    • Procedure pages

    • Blog pages

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