Why we deliver support to our clients "Email First"

At DoctorLogic, we have found that email support delivers you the best possible experience and here is why:

Emailing Support Saves You Time

Although we promise to respond to all emails within 4 business hours, you'll often hear from us much sooner than that. In fact, our average response time during regular business hours is usually under 60 minutes. Providing us with all of the necessary information to begin your request assists us in pulling up your account and researching the information available before reaching back out to you. Over the phone, while we do that labor, you would be waiting on hold-- something no one enjoys experiencing. This way, we spend time figuring out the situation and working on the solution while you focus on what matters to you -- running your practice.

Your Issue Finds the Right Person Faster

Knowing the background of your request from an email will help us direct the communication to the right DoctorLogic expert or to coordinate with several team members behind the scenes to quickly find resolutions or answers for you. The faster we get the request to the right team, the faster you'll get a solution-- all without being transferred around.

We Receive the Full Scope of Technical Details From the Start

Over email, it's easy to send a specific page's URL, a screenshot of an error message, or a video screen recording of what you want to see changed. Email is the most convenient way to communicate these details clearly and efficiently.

Emails Provide a Point of Reference

When you email us, we have a complete history of your previous requests and the context surrounding your past changes. If you are needing to add a new user to access your DoctorLogic customer portal or add an IT person to your domain's hosting account, we'll need the request in writing to show that the request was approved by the main point of contact for the account. Sending this type of request in via email from the start helps expedite results for you!

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