Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a freemium web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic.


By default, DoctorLogic manages a dedicated Google Analytics account to capture visitor analytics and data from your site. A small percentage of our customers wish to manage their own Google Analytics account, apart from DoctorLogic. This usually happens when the customer has an existing account (with historical data) and/or they want to customize and use advanced features (like goals or custom reports) in Google Analytics.

Adding Your Own Google Analytics Tracking Code

If you would like website analytics data to be sent to your own Google Analytics account, please contact our support team and provide them with your Google Analytics Tracking ID. Our team will add your tracking ID to ensure it fires alongside the DoctorLogic managed Google Analytics tracking ID.


Isn't it bad to fire more than one Google Analytics tracking code on a single webpage?

Despite confusion in the analytics/SEO community, Google supports firing multiple Google Analytics tracking IDs on a single page. Google provides best practices which we implement to ensure data is correctly firing.

What data will be sent to Google Analytics?

Everything. We fire the Google Analytics tracking code on each and every page load. This also includes page loads on development, testing and stage environments. This means that you're receiving raw and unfiltered data. See the article: Understanding Data Inconsistencies to see what DoctorLogic filter's out of our reporting.

How can I test that my own Google Analytics tracking ID is "firing" correctly on a webpage?

Google provides detailed documentation on the best ways to verify that you're receiving data and that the tracking code is correctly firing on a webpage.

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