Premium Call Tracking

Premium Call Tracking (PCT) is a robust, feature-rich call tracking solution that tracks the actual phone call, not just the initial click. PCT works by adding a dedicated call tracking number to customers’ websites and Google Business Profiles. This tracking number rings through to the practice’s main number, and when someone calls the practice using the tracking number the call is automatically recorded and added to their Opportunities dashboard within Customer Admin.

Conversions generated from Premium Call Tracking (PCT) will be displayed in a few places within Customer Admin: the Opportunities dashboard, the Admin Home page, and the Traffic Report.

On the Opportunities dashboard, PCT records will show in the summary pane, indicated with a “PHONE” pill icon. The right side detail panel shows additional information about the call, in addition to the standard set of data displayed with CTC. The data fields shown include:

  • Caller’s name

  • Patient Status (this field is set by our customer when reviewing leads)

  • Inbound phone number (phone number of the person that called)

  • Call status (ex Answered, No Answer, Voicemail)

  • Call duration

  • Call recipient

  • Call recording (audio file of the full call)

  • Spam reporting (this allows users to mark phone leads as spam if deemed to be not a legitimate inquiry for the practice - spam phone leads will not be tracked in conversion reports and metrics)

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