Promotions FAQs

Q: What are Promotions?

A: Promotions are the newest addition to the DoctorLogic digital marketing platform! It’s a brand-new product built to help healthcare practices publish and share important updates to patients and prospects.

With an easy-to-use, intuitive workflow, practices can create high-quality, social media optimized Promotions to highlight special offers, events, practice updates, and more. In addition, the Promotions product can also be used for general brand awareness campaigns and social media posts.

Q: How can Promotions help healthcare practices?

A: With this powerful DIY tool, practices can create a compelling Promotion to publish immediately on their website or schedule for display on a future date. The Promotion that is designed can also be shared on a variety of social media platforms which helps the practice connect with an even wider audience and expand their overall reach.

Stay on brand. The Promotions tool automatically imports the practice’s website colors, fonts, and logos to ensure that every promotion created matches perfectly with the branding and theme of their website.

Designed to convert. Each Promotion landing page has an embedded lead form directly on the page so visitors can instantly provide their contact information to the practice. If the practice needs to send visitors to another page to convert (ex. 3rd party site to purchase event tickets) they can do that as well.

Q: How are Promotions different from Specials?

A: Specials is a useful legacy product offering that has some similarities to the core use cases that Promotions addresses, but the former requires customers to work with a DoctorLogic employee to create, schedule, and manage the entire process. The DIY benefits of Promotions, as well as the enhanced feature set make it a stronger overall product offering and a great new addition to the customer-facing tools that DoctorLogic provides.

Our goal with Promotions is to give YOU more control over the entire design and publishing process so you can create what you want, when you want.

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Q: What are the steps for creating a Promotion?

A: Creating a Promotion is very easy and the entire process can be completed in just a few minutes. There are only 3 steps in the workflow: Add your content, Choose your design, Schedule your promotion.

When you create a Promotion you will be designing an image that will serve two important purposes. 1) It will reside on a dedicated landing page on your website so visitors can learn more and convert. 2) It will be able to be conveniently shared on social media: either as a link or an uploaded image. Inbound traffic from those social posts are brought to your dedicated Promotion landing page to learn more or submit a form to get their appointment booked.

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Q: I'm ready to start! How do I access Promotions?

A: Log into your Customer Admin portal and click "Content" from the lefthand sidebar menu. This will show "Promotions" as a sub-menu item. If you do not see this item, you may not yet have been fully onboarded. You will receive an alert via email once you are set up and ready to dive into Promotions!

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