Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel allows you to track ad performance and key metrics from people visiting and converting on your website.

The Facebook Pixel makes it easy to track conversions and determine the ROI of your Facebook (FB) advertising campaigns. Enabling this extension adds the FB Pixel code blocks to the <head> of each page with the correct FB Pixel ID and event values.


You must create/setup a FB Pixel in your FB advertising account. Make sure you enable the Lead event during setup. Once setup, please [Contact Support](doc:contact-support) and include the FB Pixel ID in your request.

Helpful Notes

  • On all page loads (except Confirmation page) we fire the Pageview standard event.

  • On the Thank You (Confirmation) page the Lead standard event.

  • We do not currently support firing custom events/conversions.

  • A site can have 1 or more FB Pixels providing they are not duplicate FB Pixel IDs.

  • The FB Pixel only renders on production and Implementation URLs. It does NOT render on on-page editing URLs.

Testing + Troubleshooting

It is recommended that you test/validate that the FB Pixel is correctly functioning. You can easily accomplish this by using the Facebook Pixel Helper chrome extension. Once installed, you'll get details about which FB Pixel and event was fired.

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