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Logging Into DoctorLogic

Please note: A google account is required to log in. See below for more details. If you need to add additional users, please contact our support team at [email protected].

Accessing DoctorLogic

You can log into DoctorLogic by visiting
We recommend bookmarking the login URL so you can access it quickly.

Google Accounts

We utilize Google's identity services to authenticate and validate your access to DoctorLogic. This means that each time you access DoctorLogic, you'll need to first verify your identity/login credentials with Google. This independent verification helps keep DoctorLogic safe and secure. This also means you won't need to keep track of a separate username & password for DoctorLogic. Don't worry! Google's identity services use a technology called OAuth 2.0 which allows us to verify your identity with Google without having access to your password or anything else stored in your Google Account.

Finding Your Google Account email address

Most users already have a Google Account. A Google Account can also be a "Gmail" account, but it doesn't have to be. Some Google Accounts use a regular email address. To determine the Google Account email go here. Once you've identified the correct Google Account email, let our team know so we can grant you access to DoctorLogic. See Account Permissions below.

Creating A New Google Account

If you never had a Google Account or wish to setup a new one, follow these steps.
To signup for a Google Account using your current email address (recommended) go here.
Need help? Here's a video walkthrough. Click to view.
To signup for a Google Account and make a new Gmail email account, go here.

Account Permissions

DoctorLogic is serious about security. As a result, we employ state-of-the-art security monitoring and prevent unauthorized access to the platform.
When we setup a new user account, our team will grant your account permissions to manage one or more sites on DoctorLogic. If you think you need additional permissions or have questions about your existing permissions, contact support.

Troubleshooting Common Login Issues

Having trouble signing in? Don't worry, we can help!
❓Do you have a Google Account?
If not, follow the steps above to setup a new one, then contact support to have them grant your account permission to access DoctorLogic.
❓Does your Google Account have permission to access DoctorLogic?
Please Contact Support by emailing [email protected] and request account permissions.
😠 I'm not able to log into DoctorLogic
Open a private browser window (Incognito) and try logging into Google.
If you can't log into Google, than it's likely your Google Account email address or password may be wrong. It's also possible that your account was locked by Google because of suspicious activity.
If you can login to Google, but are still having issues logging into DoctorLogic, it could be related to permissions, cookies, caching, or something else affecting your browser. In this case, contact support by emailing [email protected] for further assistance.
😕 I forgot my Google Account email address
Use Google's Username recovery process to find the login/email address for your account.
😟 I forgot my Google password
Use Google's password recovery process to reset the password on your account.
😡 I can't log in. Nothing I've tried works.
Please contact support by emailing [email protected] for further assistance.
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